Terrariums show up on magazine pages and on style TV yet, they remain a bit of a mystery.   Do they require special plants?  Where does one find containers?  How do I do it?  Find the ideas and perfect supplies at Recycled Eden. 

Terrarium Plants

Discover a world of rare and miniature plants.  Recycled Eden plants are proven winners in terrariums – true miniatures that stay small.   Chose from tiny orchids, begonias, ferns and more that really love terrarium life. 

Terrarium Containers

Express yourself!   Construct a terrarium in an antique carboy or a 4” ornament.  Hit the thrift stores for that one-of-a-kind container.   Finding just the right container can be half the fun.

Terrariums – Ideas and Inspirations

There’s something irresistible about a miniature garden surrounded with the sparkle of glass.   Something about a tiny world in glass grabs our curiosity and an irresistible desire to lean in for a closer look takes over.  

Like a mini greenhouse, a terrariums gives plants a perfect environment that requires little care. They thrive under fluorescent lights in a cool office.  For those who travel a great deal, terrariums require care only a few times a year. We have the ideas to inspire you.

Gardens in Glass


Recycled Eden

Miniature Gardens in Glass